Facilities at Royal Hospital

  • 24 hours OPD services

At Royal Hospital we have 24 hours functioning OPD services, with a team of MBBS (medical council registered) medical officers to handle any emergency case.

  • 24 hours Laboratory services

With a fully equipped modern laboratory, and a team of staff working round the clock to provide a high quality laboratory investigations is available at Royal Hospital.
Recently we have extended our laboratory services in such a way that the patient does not have to visit the hospital, where our team will go to the patient.

  • Ultra sound scanning

Ultra sound scanning and a channelled consultation by a consultant radiologist.

  • E.C.G.

  • X-ray

X-ray facilities available from morning 8am -8pm or any other time with previously requested or arranged.


  • Intensive Care Unit

Fully equipped modern ICU facilities available round the clock to our patients, and monitored by a team of highly trained staff.


  • Channelled Consultation services

At Royal Hospital we offer channelled consultation services to our patiens, this allows the patients to get a consultation from a preferred consultant. We have visiting consultants such as physicians, surgeons, eye surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, paediatricians etc...


  • Operating theatre

Our operating theatre team is always ready to undertake major or minor cases round the clock.


  • Maternity and Labour care

We have a state of the art labour room facilities at Royal Hospital to make it more comfortable to the mothers.


  • Dental and Oral surgery

Dental clinic is available every day except Sundays for the convenience of the patients.


  • Endoscopy investigations

Recently we have installed a latest video endoscope unit at Royal Hospital to offer more investigations to our valued patients.